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In these one-hour zoom sessions, you’ll be guided through exercises and invited to answer coaching questions.  It’s a small-group experience so you’ll have an opportunity to both reflect and participate.

PODCAST: Becoming the best version of yourself

Recently, Courage in Action invited us to share our Lark coaching story and discuss how and why we focus on helping others become the best version of themselves. Listen to the podcast and learn how you can get started on your journey to your best self.

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Become the best version of yourself.

We’re adult educators who use a Solution Focused approach to offer coaching, meeting facilitation, and workshops in personal growth, communication, leadership, and technology integration. We help individuals and groups explore their existing strengths and resources to
take meaningful steps towards the future they desire.

Looking to support organizations and individuals in helping professions and roles. Workshops and coaching available for those on limited budgets. Social workers, volunteer groups, therapists, parent groups, teachers, healthcare workers, students, women's groups, child care workers, coaches, personal care workers, customer service, front-line workers.

Celebrating best hopes, insights, and incremental steps.


The Lark team, Jayne Edmonds and Monika Jankowska-Pacyna, use the Solution Focused (SF) approach which is part of a new wave of thinking about effective change for individuals, teams and organizations. It builds on Appreciative Inquiry and Positive Psychology, as well as current research on mindfulness and flow. It’s a model of change that prioritizes desired outcomes — what you really want — and then builds towards a solution using your existing strengths and resources.

The SF approach emphasizes clear, concise and realistic goals. Through specialized conversations and activities, you, as a participant, come to recognize that you already have the knowledge necessary to make your life, or a specific situation, better. By exploring previous or related strategies you have used, or times when there have been exceptions to the issue (even for a short while) you begin to realize that you already possess the capabilities to generate solutions.

The Solution Focused approach is being used to generate change in workplaces and organizations such as schools, community groups, social service agencies, hospitals and companies, large and small, in North America and beyond.

We call our business Lark to remind you of the joyful song of the meadowlark and the lift-off feeling from personal and collective insights.


Professionals aiming to reach their potential at work and in life.

Leaders or emerging leaders seeking to navigate workplace dynamics and bring out the best in themselves and others.

Individuals in the midst of a change or contemplating an important transition such as starting or ending a job or relationship.

Colleagues preparing for parenting or retirement who would like to address concerns and develop a meaningful plan.

Team members interested in developing their communication skills by presenting their ideas more succinctly, or communicating more effectively.

Teams or organizations keen to get “unstuck” from problem thinking so they can move forward.

Employers who want their employees or group members to use Solution Focused approach with clients.

Solution Focused coaching helps people thrive.