Meadowlarks sing, even in flight.

We discovered the amazing results of Solution Focused (SF) approach while participating in the Brief Coaching Program at University of Toronto (OISE), led by Haesun Moon, the director of the Canadian Centre for Brief Coaching. This program was such a transformative experience that we formed a group with other adult-learning professionals to practise and explore Solution Focused topics.

As a collective, we discovered that integrating the SF approach into our work elevated the quality because it ensured our clients’ most pertinent goals are front and centre. We also discovered that focusing on solutions as opposed to problems brought our clients, and ourselves, increased positive energy and joy.

Lark came into being when we were asked to facilitate a session for a neighbourhood group that was seeking clarity and direction – and the results were excellent. 

Moving forward, we decided to draw on our collective strengths and offer a range of coaching and training services. Our team approach ensures we are always well-prepared thereby giving our clients an optimal experience. We work together or individually with clients depending on the requirements.