Lark workshops can be customized to your group or work team.

They are highly interactive, hands-on sessions that include discussions, pair-work and role-play scenarios.

We offer lunch and learns, half- and full-day sessions and weekend retreats.

Explore sample workshops below and contact us for more details.


Solution Focus – Train to Coach

Would you like your employees or team/group members to utilize a Solutions Focused approach with their clients, colleagues or students/participants? Learn how to help others identity clear and realistic goals quickly and concisely, and then to make progress by focusing on existing strengths and capabilities. Learn to help others find solutions!

Giving Effective Feedback

Workplaces that encourage constructive feedback engender continuous learning and improvement. This workshop introduces a six-step strategy for giving constructive feedback plus the five-steps for conducting a collaborative performance review and all of those situations in-between. Practice the steps using realistic, workplace scenarios.

Clear Email Communication

Emails that are clear, coherent and friendly help colleagues and clients build a common purpose, focus on solutions, and create a positive workplace culture. Participants attending this session become better able to write collegial, well-organized emails that produce results.


Speaking Professionally

Learn communication strategies for creating ‘win-win’ exchanges by applying persuasive strategies including expressing common ground, establishing credibility and demonstrating commitment. Through discussions and role-play scenarios you will practice solving challenging situations that require overcoming resistance and encouraging collaboration.  


Become a Tech Savvy Parent

Designed for parents who are just starting on their digital journey, the hands-on workshop focuses on introducing new technologies and tools, showcasing their use and benefits as well as potential risks, and providing practical tips and activities to take home. Topics include social media, mobile Apps, gaming, YouTube and more.

Your Digital Footprint

This workshop helps participants explore their digital footprints, learn how their use of websites and social media contribute to leaving digital footprints and explore what to do and what not to do to manage their online presence. Various examples, tips and resources, and measures one can take to manage their online identity will be discussed.

Demystyfing Google Apps

Starting with Gmail, this workshop takes a closer look at a wide range of Google Apps, such as Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites, Forms, Keep, and more, and allow participants to explore how they can use them in personal and professional settings.

Online privacy and security

As our online presence increases, so does our exposure to scams, phishing and data breaches. This workshop focuses on exploring and uderstanding the risks and how we can prevent them. 

Consistently I have heard that Jayne is a ‘level up’ instructor with obvious empathy. She doesn’t interrupt to correct but gives people the space to think and try. She lets individuals decide if they want to answer rather than calling on people too often. These actions have created more safety and allow for risk taking. The class loves that Jayne brings interactive exercises to the class which the people I spoke with said is the most fun and valuable part. People are having fun while they learn and the time is flying by–to me, this is the best indicator.

Team Manager

Technology firm, Toronto

Monika is a tremendous resource and an excellent collaborator to work with.  Monika, who often hosted the Tech Tuesday Meetups in Toronto, is a superb facilitator. She brings a great deal of knowledge and insight on the creative use of technology for adult education. She is able to convey complex technical concepts in way that is interesting and engaging. Monika’s communication style makes those around her feel comfortable, and that is very conducive to sharing knowledge and experience. 


Tech Leader, Skills for Change, Toronto