At Lark coaching, we provide individual coaching, meeting facilitation and workshops. Our sessions are ideal for community and staff groups, as well as the general audience.

Looking to support organizations and individuals in helping professions and roles. Workshops and coaching available for those on limited budgets. Social workers, volunteer groups, therapists, parent groups, teachers, healthcare workers, students, women's groups, child care workers, coaches, personal care workers, customer service, front-line workers.

Friday sessions

Every two weeks,
n Fridays at 12:30 pm

In these one-hour zoom sessions, you’ll be guided through exercises and invited to answer coaching questions. 

It’s a small-group experience
(8 to 12 participants on average) so you’ll have an opportunity to both reflect and participate. 

Find more resilience during our ‘new-normal

Registration required.

Customized workshops

On demand,
contact us

We support organizations
and individuals in helping professions and roles.

Workshops and coaching available for those on limited budgets.

Teachers, volunteers, parent groups, students, child care workers, frontline line workers…

Contact us to inquire about individual coaching sessions.

Give Lark sessions
as a gift!

With the Winter season here and social distancing in place,
consider booking a special January session with us as a gift for your family, team and/or staff!

Give them a chance
to connect, recharge, find joy and build resilience in our ‘new-normal’!

Lark workshops can be customized for your team meetings, conferences or special events.

Gift certificates available!

Solution Focused coaching is a model of change that will help you focus on what you really hope for. We believe that people already have the strengths and resources they need to change and make things better for themselves. In any situation – particularly a pandemic, some things are already working well – let’s find these things and expand upon them. Finally – change happens in small steps. And a small change can have significant consequences.